We don’t just sell new luxury vehicles here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville. We also sell some impressive certified pre-owned cars that have been subjected to the most rigorous inspections. These pre-owned vehicles offer all of the luxury and performance you’re looking for at a lower price point and we think that you’ll be impressed by our selection.

Buying a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz car is a smart financial decision for a few reasons. The most obvious advantage that pre-owned vehicles have over new ones is price. New cars can lose value, or depreciate, quickly, which means that an older edition of the luxury SUV or sedan that you’ve had your eye on could be much less expensive than a newer model. Insurance prices could also be lower, especially because you would be less likely to need options like “GAP coverage,” which could be needed if you still owe a good amount of money on your vehicle. In many ways, buying a pre-owned car means less worry and fewer financial headaches.

Now we know that some people aren’t enthusiastic about pre-owned cars for a few reasons. First of all, they might think that finding exactly what they want is nearly impossible. With a new car they can choose from multiple trim levels, options packages, and even different engine types. They might also worry about reliability because they don’t know what this used car has been through. You don’t have to fret about either of these things at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville. Whether you’re looking for a luxury coupe, a capable crossover, or even a roadster, we’ve got something great for you on our lot. And thanks to our certified pre-owned program, you don’t need to worry about reliability. These cars have cleared a tough inspection, and we offer nationwide dealer support, roadside assistance, and other benefits to our customers.

So don’t worry about all of those used car myths that you’ve heard. Visit our Florida Mercedes-Benz dealership and take a look at our quality pre-owned vehicles. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect luxury car.