Here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville, we know nearly everything about the auto industry. More specifically, our highly trained staff knows everything there is to know about buying new Mercedes-Benz cars in Florida. We’re especially great at knowing the difference between fact and fiction. That’s why we’re here to help dispel any common myths or misconceptions about car buying.

Myth #1: Buy a Car on a Rainy Day

The first myth is one of the most common misconceptions we see. A lot of buyers think that rain will drive away other customers from dealerships, which would help make all their offers more attractive. Additionally, buyers believe that dealers will be looking to make a quick deal and get home sooner. In actuality, this is not the case. Our dealers are committed to their job and will help any customer make their purchase, rain or shine. In fact, rainy days happen to be some of our busiest days at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville!

Myth #2: Bring A Cashier’s Check When You Buy

Basically, there is a common belief that if a buyer brings in a cashier’s check with their maximum offer, the dealer will concede to that price no matter what. At Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville, we operate a bit differently. Our finance department is ready and able to work with our customers by talking through leases, loans, interest rates, and everything in between. We advise against bringing a cashier’s check simply because it prevents buyers from being able to negotiate prices. Oftentimes, you can get a better deal on your new Mercedes-Benz car if you work closely with our staff.

Visit Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville to learn more about which car buying myths to ignore! Speak to one of our Florida Mercedes-Benz dealers to see how you can buy the vehicle of your dreams.