Leasing a vehicle can be a great thing, and the staff here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville is happy to help you throughout the whole process. Once you’ve discussed the terms of your agreement with our expert finance department, there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important, however, is to know what to do when your lease ends and how to prepare.

Three Months out From End of Lease

This is a good time to assess the terms of your lease and consider whether or not you would like a lease extension. If you have gone over the allotted mileage, you might decide it would be better to buy your leased vehicle instead of paying the fine for excessive mileage. If everything seems okay and you aren’t extending your lease, this is a great time to schedule an inspection for your vehicle.

One Month out From End of Lease

At this point, you should get your vehicle inspected and have received an itemized list of major and minor damages. We recommend that you get your vehicle detailed and remove any personal items before the inspection as to ensure you are not charged any additional fees. You can either repair the damages listed by the inspector before returning your vehicle or pay the dealership for the cost of the damages.

Planning ahead can help ensure that your car is in great shape for the end of your lease. Talk to any of the representatives at our FL Mercedes-Benz dealership serving Ponte Vedra for any other questions you have on the ins and outs of leasing a new Mercedes-Benz car. Visit us today!