Are you in the market for a new Mercedes-Benz car? If so, it’s time to stop by Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville. As your premier Florida car dealer, we have the latest releases from Mercedes-Benz. Our staff is comprised of highly trained experts that are armed with the knowledge to offer you advice on all aspects of the car-buying process.

Specifically, they can help you figure out the best vehicle and best engine for your needs. There are four main kinds of powertrains available in vehicles today: gas, electric, hybrid, and diesel. Depending on your needs, a certain type of engine might suit your lifestyle and needs better.

A gas engine is the most common type on the market. Available in V-line, inline, rotary, and boxer layouts, this type is great for drivers who are concerned with handling and overall performance. Nearly all our Mercedes-Benz vehicles either come standard with or offer a gas-powered engine.

An electric engine may be less common in vehicles, but that’s soon changing as the demand for electrification increases. These engines don’t rely exclusively on gas, so instead of needing to fuel up, you’ll have to charge your vehicle. There are plenty of vehicles on the market that are a bit more eco-friendly.

A hybrid is the middle man of a gas and electric engine, as it uses both components to power its ride with a trio of machines: engine, electric motor, and battery.

Finally, a diesel engine works similarly to a gas engine, except it has a different ignition cycle. Since diesel naturally has more energy than gas, a diesel engine tends to be more fuel efficient than gas machines.

If you want to learn more about Mercedes-Benz vehicles and their powertrain offerings, visit Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville to speak to a representative today!