There are many steps involved when buying a new Mercedes-Benz car, and our staff is dedicated to helping you throughout the process, from beginning to end. One of the most important steps is the test drive. Today, we’re highlighting a few areas in which you should pay special attention to in order to get you most out of your experience behind the wheel. If you keep these things in mind when looking at one of our new Mercedes-Benz cars for sale, we know you’ll find the right one for your needs!

  • Features: Technology might seem like a simple thing, but in this day and age, there’s a lot to consider. Is there wireless charging available? How detailed is the map for the navigation system? Do you like the operation of the various safety systems, such as blind spot monitoring or lane departure warning? Take the time to test out the different features offered in the vehicle. And if there’s something missing that you want, our Mercedes-Benz dealers are happy to explain different package offerings or trim levels.
  • Performance: This is perhaps the most important category of all when choosing a new vehicle. Take into account both the overall performance and the more intricate details. Can you comfortably handle the steering wheel and transmission? How quiet is the vehicle when driving? Is it easy to park? How is the acceleration? While on a test drive, we encourage our customers to mimic their daily driving habits as best as they can. For example, if you take highway, see how the vehicle speeds up and changes lanes.

Visit Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville today to take a test drive in one of our new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz models near Ponte Vedra. We look forward to working with you soon!