There’s no doubt that being involved in an auto accident can be overwhelming and even frightening. However, being prepared can certainly help.

Our Mercedes-Benz service professionals at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville have some tips in case you ever get in an accident on the road.  

Safety First 

The first thing to do after an accident is to make sure everyone is safe. Check yourself and your passengers, and if you can, check on the other vehicles as well.

If everyone is okay, try to move your vehicle to safety as well. If your vehicle is inoperable, get out of it and get yourself safely out of traffic.  

Contact the Authorities 

In the state of Florida, there are certain circumstances that require you to file a police report. You can contact the Florida Highway Patrol to help you determine how to file a report. You have up to ten days after the accident to file, so make sure you record the following information:

  • If the accident resulted in a death or injury 
  • If the accident involved car or property damage 
  • If the accident resulted in a vehicle being towed or a total loss of a vehicle 
  • If a commercial motor vehicle was involved in the accident

Get All the Information You Need 

It’s important to exchange information after an accident. You need the other driver’s contact information, insurance information, and vehicle details (make, model, license plate number, etc.). Then, you’ll want to contact your insurance agent and document the accident and damage the best you can.  

Schedule Repairs 

Your insurance agent will walk you through the claims process and help you determine which type of coverage you’ll receive for your accident. Then, you’ll want to schedule any necessary repairs at our Mercedes-Benz service center. We are happy to help you get your car back to new in no time.  

Visit our Mercedes-Benz dealership in Jacksonville, FL for all the care your Mercedes-Benz vehicle needs!