Mercedes-Benz service at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville is comprehensive and reliable. We don’t just provide the expert service and high-quality parts that will improve efficiency and responsiveness on every ride — we also offer advice on how to care for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Here are some pointers for spring cleaning your car.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Keeping your car clean is essential to its longevity and value. Here are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning your Mercedes-Benz vehicle this spring.

Use the Right Soaps: You may be tempted to use the cleaning materials you have on hand, but you should skip the dish soap. It’s designed to remove oil and grease from dishware, but it can actually badly damage your vehicle’s paint. Stick to genuine carwash soap to avoid ruining your car’s exterior.

Park in the Shade: While air drying may be more convenient, you always want to wipe your vehicle dry with a microfiber cloth. This ensures you won’t have any water stains or streaks. Also, park your vehicle in the shade to keep it from drying too quickly. It’s always smart to keep extra microfiber towels in your trunk, as well.

Work From the Top Down: When you wash your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, the dirt and soap will naturally drip toward the ground. If you’ve already cleaned your wheels and fenders, that means you’ll have to wash them again. Always start at the top and work your way down the vehicle.

Wash One Tire at a Time: The tires pick up most of the dirt and debris from the road. Washing them regularly will keep your vehicle safe and extend their life. Because tires dry quickly, you want to wash and dry each tire completely before moving onto the next one. This will help you avoid water stains and streaks.

For more Mercedes-Benz service advice and to schedule a service appointment, come down to Mercedes-Benz Jacksonville today. Keep your Mercedes-Benz vehicle fresh and clean this spring!