The 2022 EQS is one of the most innovative and market-leading alternative energy luxury vehicles hitting the road today, and it’s available right here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville. Our team is here to help you find the perfect vehicle every time, which is why we’re sharing all the benefits of purchasing electric cars, and why the new Mercedes-EQ might be the car for you.

Benefits of Purchasing an Electric Vehicle

If you’re on the fence about electric vehicles, we get it. We’re sharing all you need to know about purchasing, owning, and maintaining electric vehicles. Here are just a few of the big benefits of buying electric:

You Reduce Your Impact: One of the biggest reasons to consider purchasing an electric vehicle is that you reduce your impact on the environment. Electric vehicles use electricity, rather than gas, to run, which means lower emissions output and reduced air pollution.

You’ll Save Money on Gas: Unlike hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, electric vehicles require no fuel to run. That means you’ll reduce your reliance on fuel and save money with every ride.

You’ll Save Money at Purchase: Electric vehicles have available tax incentives and subsidies to help make them more appealing to curious drivers. You can save thousands of dollars on an electric vehicle thanks to federal tax credits.

You’ll Need Less Service: Another way you can save money when you purchase electric is through Mercedes-Benz service. Electric vehicles have fewer parts than internal combustion engine cars, so you can schedule service less often and save.

When you’re ready to test out exciting electric vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz EQ, come down to Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville and take the first ride. Begin enjoying the many benefits of owning an electric vehicle today.