The Mercedes-Benz repair process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If your vehicle was damaged in a collision or as the result of an accident, Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville can help to get it back on the road and driving safely. We’ll help you to determine when it’s best to repair and when it’s best to replace your vehicle if damage occurs, so you can take every ride with peace of mind.

Repair and Replacement Questions

If your parts have begun to wear down or your vehicle has suffered damage, you have two main options to pick from. You can replace the vehicle, or you can repair it. Here are the questions to ask yourself when deciding.

Are There Warranties?

Active warranties can greatly alter the potential costs of vehicle repairs. In many cases, you won’t pay anything out of pocket because of warranties, so you always want to check and see if your vehicle is protected before deciding.

Is the Car Totaled?

The phrase totaled simply means that the cost of the repairs is higher than the value of the vehicle. If this is the case, you’ll want to sell or trade-in your vehicle, rather than putting money into repairs that you won’t see back later.

What Are Future Repair Costs?

In addition to calculating the current cost of vehicle repairs, you also want to think about what kind of future repairs the vehicle might need. Repair costs can really add up, and it’s better to sell your vehicle early and save money.

It’s easy to schedule repairs and find the perfect replacement Mercedes-Benz SUV right here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville. Meet with our service team or take a test drive in a new Mercedes-Benz at our dealership today.