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Oil Change Service Explained

The oil in your vehicle plays many important roles. It helps to lubricate and cool the engine, so the parts move together properly without grinding or overheating. It also helps to capture any dirt or debris that might kick up from the road and cause damage to the engine.

Over time, the oil and filter become saturated with that debris, which is why Mercedes-Benz vehicles need oil changes around every 5,000-7,500 miles — or maybe even 10,000 miles, depending on your motor oil type. Here are just a few of the benefits of scheduling regular oil changes:

It Keeps Your Car Safe

Oil lubricates the engine, ensuring the parts move as quickly and responsively as possible. The more responsive your vehicle is, the safer you’ll be on every ride.

It Reduces Costs

Because your parts are properly lubricated and cooled, they won’t grind or wear down as quickly. That means you won’t have to order costly replacement parts for a long time.

It Improves Fuel Efficiency

When the oil becomes dirty, it moves more slowly through the system. That means your new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz car needs more gas to go the same distance, which can be fixed with an oil change.

It Maintains Vehicle Value

If you’re planning to sell or trade-in your vehicle, oil changes are essential. A comprehensive history of service and oil changes will help you to maintain vehicle value and get your car’s worth when the time comes.

Learn more about the many benefits of routine oil service and car care right here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville. Schedule your next service appointment at our dealership today.