Are you interested in trying a Mercedes-Benz lease? Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville is here to help. We work one-on-one with drivers to find the best new or pre-owned vehicle at the best price, and we’re sharing all you need to know about both the leasing and buying processes.

Leasing at a Glance

There are many benefits to leasing a vehicle, like big savings on the down payment, if you have one at all, and lower monthly payment costs. You’ll also have access to the latest models on the market, as most leases last just two to five years. That means the most advanced performance, safety, and entertainment technology at your fingertips on every ride.

And when the time comes for the next great vehicle, all you have to do is bring your leased model down to Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville to trade in for a new car.

Buying at a Glance

Maybe purchasing a vehicle is the better option for you. To start, you don’t need perfect credit to purchase a vehicle, whereas a high credit score is a prerequisite to be eligible for a lease. That means you won’t have to wait to take home a Mercedes-Benz vehicle you truly love.

You’ll also have more freedom when you purchase a vehicle since there are no restrictions on how many miles you can drive, what kind of driving you can do, or how you can customize and upgrade your car. And when you’re ready for a new car, you can sell or trade-in your current vehicle and use that capital toward the next one.

There are reasons to consider both leasing and purchasing a vehicle, based on your financial history, vehicle needs, and preferences. Schedule an appointment with the expert financing team here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville to begin picking out the perfect car at the perfect price today.