Several components of your car are necessary for it to function. The transmission is one of the most essential Mercedes-Benz parts on your vehicle, and Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville can assist you with repairing it if it’s faulty. If you’re wondering what exactly the transmission is and why it’s critical, we’ve written this guide to explain everything you need to know.

What Is Transmission?

On your vehicle, the transmission controls the amount of power transferred to the vehicle. In essence, it regulates the power generated by the engine and ensures that the other parts don’t receive too much energy at once.

The most obvious part of the transmission system is the gear shifter. While this is the part most associated with transmission, it’s just one part of the entire system. There are also several gears, plates, and levers that all must work properly.

The Different Transmission Types

In modern cars, there are three types of transmission systems. Manual transmissions require you to switch gears to provide more or less power to your vehicle; automatic transmission handles this on its own. There’s also continuous variable transmission (CVT) that doesn’t limit the amount of power you can send to the car.

Is My Transmission Faulty?

There may be several issues that point to a faulty transmission system. Likely problems include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Shaking or grinding noises and vibrations when shifting gears
  • Delayed or no response when shifting gears
  • Clunky power output or inconsistent acceleration
  • Loss of traction while driving

Get Your Mercedes-Benz Parts Repaired in Jacksonville, FL

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