When you’re looking for a Mercedes-Benz lease offer, many questions will come to mind. Our finance team can answer any questions you have about financing, as well as help you find the best option to fit your lifestyle. Here are several questions that drivers often ask Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville about financing and leases.

Is Leasing Better than Buying?

Whether you lease or buy might depend on your financial situation. Leasing typically offers lower monthly costs than buying a vehicle, and also usually comes with lower interest and insurance rates. However, there are more restrictions on driving your vehicle compared to buying the same model.

How Long Does My Lease Last?

Our Mercedes-Benz lease terms are designed to be flexible, letting you have more choice over your lease payment plan. The average lease lasts for 36 months, but you might be able to enroll in a longer lease.

Is Maintenance Included?

Many maintenance and service tasks are included with your Mercedes-Benz lease. This ensures that you’ll have plenty of coverage for major and minor accidents or parts failures.

What Are Mileage Restrictions?

Under the terms of your lease, you’ll only be able to drive your vehicle for so many miles per year. You’ll need to know how many miles you drive every month, or else you may go over the limit and need to pay a fee.

Can I Lease a Vehicle with Bad Credit?

Yes! Our dealership can work with you to find appropriate leasing options that fit your credit score and financing situation. However, it never hurts to start repairing your credit by paying off credit cards and other financial obligations.

Shop for a Mercedes-Benz Lease in Jacksonville, FL

If you’re shopping for a Mercedes-Benz lease in the Jacksonville, FL area, our dealership can help you. Visit Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville today to discuss financing and leasing options or browse our selection of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles.