Keeping up with Mercedes-Benz service is critical, especially for your wheels. You might need a wheel alignment to prevent your tires from wearing out unevenly or to correct your balance. As part of our Mercedes-Benz Service Tips series, here are five signs that you need a wheel alignment courtesy of the experts at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville.

Uneven Tire Wear

If your wheels are correctly aligned, your tires should wear down at the same rate. If there’s an imbalance, one or more tires will be more worn down. That indicates that your wheels need to be adjusted.

Pulling to One Side

Does your vehicle pull to one side or the other while you’re driving? That indicates that your wheelbase is misaligned, and should be corrected immediately.

Bumpy Ride

On a clean, smooth road, you shouldn’t be feeling any bumps while you’re driving. If you do, it’s possible that your wheels need to be re-balanced as your tires are feeling disproportionate pressure and weight.

Shaking Steering Wheel

If you need a wheel alignment, you might notice the steering wheel shaking or vibrating as you’re driving. You also might hear strange noises as you drive. This is a warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored; schedule a service visit immediately if you notice this problem.

Crooked Steering Wheel

Is your steering wheel crooked when your vehicle is driving straight? If so, you should schedule a Mercedes-Benz service visit for wheel alignment right away. Otherwise, your steering wheel will become less reliable for keeping you in a straight line.

Schedule Mercedes-Benz Service in Jacksonville, FL

Have you noticed any of these critical signs? It’s time to bring your vehicle in for Mercedes-Benz service. Contact our team at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville today to schedule maintenance.