Getting a Mercedes-Benz oil change done routinely helps improve the lifespan of your engine and keeps the car running smoothly. You also might have noticed some warning signs that point to a necessary oil change. Courtesy of the Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville service team, here are five signs you need a Mercedes-Benz oil change.

Check Engine / Oil Change Light

If you see an oil change warning light on your dashboard, it’s time to bring your vehicle in. You might also need this service if the check engine light comes on.

Unusual Engine Noises

Oil helps lubricate your engine and keep the parts running correctly. Without a fresh supply of clean oil, your engine parts will likely grind or rattle against each other. If you’ve heard any of these noises, schedule a service visit ASAP.

Dirty Oil

You should check your oil every so often for dirt or build-up. You should change the oil immediately if you notice grime or dirt build-up in your tank.

Your Engine Runs Hot

In addition to keeping your engine running, oil also helps cool the parts down while the motor is running. If your oil is filthy or has lost its luster, it won’t keep the engine at optimal temperature. Schedule an oil change to see if your engine runs at normal operating heat levels.

Low Oil Levels

If your engine oil levels are running low, it’s best to pour new oil into your tank. This might also be indicative of a larger problem, so make sure our technicians know about the issue.

Schedule a Mercedes-Benz Oil Change in Jacksonville, FL

If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs, contact Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville today to schedule an appointment. We can take care of a Mercedes-Benz oil change or recommend other essential services, so contact us today to get started!