When you’re learning about Mercedes-Benz parts and how they work, the brakes are an essential system to figure out. Knowing how your brakes work and what you should do to maintain them over your vehicle’s lifespan is critical for efficient operation. As part of our Mercedes-Benz Parts 101 series, Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville lists everything you need to know about the brake system.

What Is the Brake System?

The brake system contains all the parts necessary to stop your vehicle when it’s in motion. When you press down the brake pedal, the vehicle delivers brake fluid to the calipers which apply the brake pads. These provide friction, slowing your vehicle down and eventually stopping them.

What Is It Made Of?

Your brakes are comprised of several critical parts, including:

  • Brake pedal: This is what you press down to apply the brakes while driving.
  • Brake calipers: These hold your brake system in place at the wheel. Specifically, it holds the brake pads and rotors in place.
  • Brake pads: The brake pad is what applies friction to the wheel when the brakes are pressed down.
  • Brake rotors: The rotors are attached to the wheel; when the brake pad touches them while in motion, the rotors slow the wheel down.

When Should I Service My Brakes?

Brakes are a critical part of your vehicle, so properly maintaining them is essential for proper operation. At the very least, you should examine your brakes as part of your yearly routine service. If you’ve noticed any braking issues or strange noises/odors, bring the vehicle in for service immediately.

Repair Mercedes-Benz Parts in Jacksonville, FL

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