If your Mercedes-Benz lease is about to end, you need to know what steps to take to finish it. Depending on your terms and what you want to do with the vehicle, your lease could end in a few different ways; it helps to know what your options are. Learn what happens at the end of your Mercedes-Benz lease by talking to the Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville financing experts.

Vehicle Return Options

In most cases, once your lease is up, you need to either return the vehicle or buy it. If you return the car, you’ll need to bring it back to our dealership on the date we provide you with. You can also buy the vehicle by paying the remainder of its purchase price, letting you keep the model after the lease period ends.

How to Prepare Your Car

When it’s time to return your vehicle, you need to make sure it’s ready. You’ll want to inspect it for any damage or cosmetic issues that could lead to fees or penalties. This also includes cleaning the vehicle and removing all personal items from the interior.

What If I Want a New Lease?

If you’re returning the vehicle, you might be wondering about leasing a different car after you’ve turned the model in. Our dealership will be happy to help you lease another vehicle and leave the lot with a different model. In the months leading up to your lease end date, contact us to learn about lease specials and new models we have on the lot.

Explore a Mercedes-Benz Lease in Jacksonville, FL

Unsure what to do when your Mercedes-Benz lease is up? Our financing and leasing experts can help you. Contact Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville to learn about your options and drive home in a new luxury car today!