You’ll find some impressive luxury vehicles here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville. If you’re looking for an amazing sedan, coupe, or SUV in Florida, we should be your first stop. That being said, it doesn’t matter how well a vehicle is made if a driver doesn’t take proper care of it. Adhering to a strict maintenance schedule is so important, which is why we offer a complete Mercedes-Benz service center right here at our dealership.

One of the most important parts of your vehicle is the tires. Issues with your tires can cause you more than a few problems on the road. First of all, you should know what the proper pressure is for your tires. Usually this information is located on the driver’s side door or in your owner’s manual. If your tires aren’t properly inflated, you could see reduced fuel economy or less responsiveness in hazardous situations.

Another issue that improperly inflated tires can cause is uneven wear and tear, but that’s not the only thing that can shorten the life of your tires. If you have properly inflated your tires and you still see signs of uneven wear, you might need a wheel alignment. Luckily, our expert technicians can help you with that. They can also help you with a tire rotation. You should come in for this procedure periodically because your front and rear tires could be wearing down at different rates, especially in a front-wheel or rear-wheel drive vehicle. A tire rotation can help your tires live a longer life. When you finally do need a replacement, come visit our fully-equipped tire center. We can help you with all of your Mercedes-Benz parts needs!

Whether you’re looking for a new vehicle or need to take care of the luxury car you already own, our Florida Mercedes-Benz dealership is here to help. Feel free to visit or contact our service department at with any questions. We can’t wait to help you!