When most drivers think of the Mercedes-Benz brand, they probably think of luxury. When you visit us at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville, you’ll find plenty of cars with high-end features and beautiful interiors, but our vehicles also offer fine-tuned performance and impressive power. If you needed a reminder of that, the recently unveiled Mercedes-AMG® GT Concept is sure to jog your memory.

This four-door performance sedan made its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show. It uses a hybrid powertrain that’s designed to deliver unparalleled performance and comes equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that can put out more than 800 horsepower. This allows the Mercedes-AMG® GT Concept to go from zero to 62 miles per hour in less than three seconds. That impressive stat puts this concept on the same level as some of the most impressive “super” sports cars on the market. This is one amazing Mercedes-Benz car.

The Mercedes-AMG® GT Concept also uses carbon-ceramic brakes that can recoup energy. It’s been designed with aerodynamic performance in mind, and it even offers unique technology like nano active fiber daytime running lights. The good news is that a production model just like it is in the works. The better news is that this is actually the third performance-focused concept vehicle that Mercedes-Benz has showed off in recent months. A coupe and a convertible have previously made appearances and we can’t wait to see how all three of these concepts influence the new models that arrive on our lot.

So when you need a car that perfectly blends unparalleled performance and luxury features, you have to visit our Florida Mercedes-Benz dealership. Whether you need a brand new coupe or a pre-owned crossover, we’ll help you find the car of your dreams. We can’t wait to meet you!