You can rely on Mercedes-Benz service available here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville all year long. We’ll help you find the luxury performance model to fit all of your driving preferences and ensure it runs smoothly and safely, no matter the season.  

Spring Service Tasks 

Routine service and car care can keep your vehicle safe, efficient, and comfortable on every ride. Service needs vary from season to season, however.

Here’s a look at some of the key service tasks you’ll want to schedule for your Mercedes-Benz model this spring:

  • Oil Change: The oil in your vehicle helps to collect up dirt and debris from the road, which is especially important after winter driving. An oil and filter change will help to protect your vehicle’s engine all spring long.  
  • Hose and Belt Inspection: It’s a good idea to get the belts and hoses in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle inspected for the spring. If you do any cold weather driving in the winter, your hoses are belts are vulnerable to wear and damage, so you’ll want to get them checked out before the next big ride.  
  • Battery Inspection: Temperatures below freezing can reduce battery capacity by up to 50 percent. Our team here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville will inspect your battery for signs of reduced capacity or damage and replace it if needed.  
  • Tire Service: If you changed out your tires for winter tires, now is the time to swap them back. Otherwise, you’ll want to get the pressure and tread checked on your tires and schedule a rotation, if necessary.  

Learn more about seasonal car service right here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville. Schedule your next service appointment at our Jacksonville dealership and keep your vehicle running right all season long.