When it comes to Mercedes-Benz service, Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville has you covered. Routine service and care will keep your vehicle safe, comfortable, and reliable on every ride. It also improves vehicle efficiency, so you can reduce fuel costs and save big. Visit Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville for service that makes a difference.  

How Can I Save on Fuel Costs?  

It’s useful to be able to improve vehicle efficiency and reduce fuel costs when you get behind the wheel. These simple service and driving steps can really help.  

Keep the Weight Low: While our Mercedes-Benz vehicles come equipped with impressive seating and cargo space, you want to make sure you’re not carrying excess weight around when you drive. Remove unnecessary cargo to reduce the pressure on your vehicle.  

Maintain the Tires: One of the most common reasons for low fuel efficiency is low tire pressure. Check your tire pressure regularly and inflate your tires as needed, taking care to look for leaks or damage if the pressure is low often. You’ll also want to schedule regular repairs and tire inspections. 

Use the Right Motor Oil: There are different types of motor oils designed for specific vehicles and driving conditions. Always make sure you’re using the oil recommended for your vehicle to improve capacity and save on fuel.  

Schedule Routine Service: The best way to keep your Mercedes-Benz vehicle running right is with routine service and care, and our team is here to help. We’ll inspect the essential parts and systems and bring them up to scratch, for improved capability and savings.  

Learn more about routine service and car care here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville. Save big on fuel costs with the support of our expert service team today.