The best way to protect and care for your vehicle is with routine Mercedes-Benz service, like the kind you’ll find right here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville. We’re dedicated to maintaining your vehicle all year long. Here are some top service tasks you’ll want to schedule for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle this winter.

Headlight and Wiper Inspection

Visibility is essential when it comes to vehicle safety. Since it gets dark earlier in the winter and because there is always the risk of snow or hail if you travel out of state, you’ll want to get your headlights and wipers inspected, to ensure maximum visibility on every drive.

Battery Check

Batteries typically last between three to five years, but cold weather can negatively impact your battery’s longevity. In fact, vehicle batteries can lose up to 50% of their capacity in temperatures below freezing. It’s useful to get your battery inspected before the cold weather hits, so you know if it needs to be replaced.

Brake Inspection
We rely on our brakes to keep us safe, but that’s especially true in the inclement driving conditions of winter. Our team here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville will check the condition of your brakes, and make sure they can protect you and your family all season long.

Tire Service

You want to schedule regular tire service, but especially for winter driving. It’s important to make sure your tire tread is deep enough, and that your tires aren’t at risk of cracking in the cold temperatures. Our team will also help you make the switch to winter tires for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle if needed.

Visit Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville for Winter Service

Here at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville, you’ll find expert Mercedes-Benz service for whatever the road ahead — or the weather report — might hold. Schedule winter maintenance and care at our dealership today.