Modern vehicles are sturdy but not immune to eventual damage from wear and tear. The vehicle will give you hints that something isn’t quite right. Learn to recognize these signs and bring your car to a Mercedes-Benz service right away.

1. Leaking Fluids

Do you see a puddle under the vehicle? This isn’t an immediate cause for alarm. This could be due to condensation from the AC or exhaust system. This is harmless and no reason to worry. However, if the fluid has a noticeable color, then this can be one of a number of car fluids, such as transmission, power steering, or brake fluid. This isn’t normal and requires professional attention.

2. Loss of Power

Do you notice slower acceleration and frequent stalling? This could stem from several issues, including a faulty spark plug or fuel injector, the latter of which can disrupt oxygen and airflow to the engine.

3. Less Responsive Brakes

Over time, you may notice it takes longer for the car to come to a full stop, or you may need to engage the brakes harder than normal. It’s a safety liability when the stopping distance increases. Some people have also described the brakes as sinking to the floor or feeling spongy.

4. Poor Fuel Efficiency

Have you noticed you’re making more trips to the gas station despite traveling the same distance? Increasingly poor fuel mileage can stem from one or a combination of the following factors:

  • Dirty air filter
  • Low tire pressure
  • Too much idling
  • Faulty spark plugs

Even if your car operates as it should, you should still arrange for routine tune-ups at Mercedes-Benz of Jacksonville. We perform maintenance on all Mercedes-Benz models whenever you’re in need.